Ordering a spell online is a serious decision. You better deeply think about it because our spells will change your life. To help you take the right resolution, we are happy to present our company and tell you how we work..


Ah Nakuk is casting spells since his childhood. He inherited his psychic gift from his parents, grandparents and ancestors, who were all shamans. In his family, being a spell caster is not a choice but a tradition. He is blind so you won’t be able to communicate directly with him via internet, though he supervises absolutely everything concerning LOVESPELLS.BZ.

His magic work respects the oldest Mayan beliefs and takes its power within Nature’s spirits. All of his life, he proved his huge talent for casting the most powerful spells. If you ever had doubts about it, we guarantee you that Ah Nakuk has enough skills to work for persons he has no physical contacts with. Only the best and most experienced spell casters can successfully work on internet. Ah Nakuk is undeniably the right caster to do your online spell. The results provided are amongst the best and fastest you can find.


Nacuat is Ah Nakuk’s brother. He learned magic since his childhood as well, but being less gifted than his older brother, he only assists him and prepares the materials for the spell casting. His help is priceless since the shaman of LOVESPELLS.BZ is blind. They are working together for over 20 years and bring the best results to you.


Ix Balam Chel is Ah Nakuk’s niece. Without her, LOVESPELLS.BZ wouldn’t even exist. After studying sociology at the University of Mexico C.F., she came back to her country and created this website and our company. She speaks English very well so she will answer all your emails when you contact us. She has been involved in shamanism since her childhood too, so don’t worry, it’s a very capable person you are contacting. Moreover, she reports all messages to Ah Nakuk. Through her, you will get a real shaman’s opinion about your situation.


209 Corozal Bay Road
Corozal Town
Belize, C.A.

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(Ah Nakuk during a spell casting – January 2008)


Since 2007, you can ask a real shaman to cast powerful spells for you. We make you an offer like no others! Our prices are reasonable. Our results are fast. Our spells are cast by a truly gifted shaman.