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1- What is Maya magic and how does it work?
Mayas were always interested in magic and their magic is therefore one of the oldest magic known in the world. This magic respects Nature and melt its powers with animals spirits. Combining both powers, it offers a very wide range of possibilities to shamans practicing this magic. You will be amazed by the things we can do!

2-What’s the difference between a shaman and a spell caster?
Shamans are also healers and have a more natural bond to mother earth and the spiritual world. This is essential for casting spells with excellent results!

3-Are your spells really the most powerful?
Yes, of course! In fact we are specialized on very hard cases and if your case is easy we will not waste our time. In such case, you should visit some "normal" spell caster. We are mainly here for those who really need extravagant results, fast!

4-Can I expect rapid results with your spell service?
You will be positively surprised with the results and how fast they will manifest. It is normal to see changes in the first 2 weeks and most clients have complete results within 8 weeks.

5-Do you have permanent results?
Yes, of course! Our magic spells are very powerful. Rest assure that you will have everlasting results.

6-What is the price of your works?
It depends what you want us to help you with and how hard your case is. Minimum is $100 and max is $500 (for the most difficult cases). We will determine how difficult the situation is and give you some options.

7-Do you have a guarantee if the spell doesn’t work?
Yes of course. We offer a free recast for all spells. It means we will redo your spell for free in case you don’t have full results within a satisfying time-frame. A recast alwasy speed things up. We will stand by your side until the case is solved! (Remember that we have a 99% success rate)

8- Is this safe?
Yes, of course it is safe! There will be no unwanted side-effect or bad karma. We are professionals and we would never let anyone have a bad experience with us! You can feel relaxed when using our services.

9-Do I need to believe in Maya spirits for my spell to work?
You’re not the one casting the spell. We do the work for you. Therefore you don’t have to convince the spirits. We do it for you. As long as you believe in us and place your trust and confidence in our work, you’ll have full results. So you don’t need to believe in a specific Mayan religion for our spell to work in your case.

10-How do I pay to order your service?
We offer a safe and secure credit cards payment gateway which has been tested and is hacker safe. It is the same gateway as big companies such as EA Games and Skype uses! You can pay with most credit cards and in rare occations we can offer Western union money orders.

11-Do you offer other spells than love spells?
Absolutely. We cast spells for all situations and needs. On the site you can see some. As we only wor with custom cases, it is more important for us to hear about your needs then trying to match a story on our page. CONTACT US and we will analyze your problems!

12-Is there something I need to do?
We will ask you to do an easy candle ceremony. It is voluntary but will speed up the process of the spell. So it is in your best interests to do it. Do not worry, anyone can do it. It is that easy!

13-I have had a spell cast before, Can you still help me?
Yes, of course we can! You do not need to worry about that. Just tell us about it before we perfor the cast of your spell. Our spell will not affect any previous spell work. We only see benefits in having spells cast by different spell casters for the same case!

14-Do you only work online or is there any chance that we can meet?
Sure. You can visit us in Belize if you have a chance to come to this fantastic and beautiful country. All spell work done face-to-face have an additional fee that is 6x the fee we will offer you online.

15-Is it confidential?
Yes, 100% confidential. We will keep all information you give private and won’t share your email address with any other third party.

16-What is your success rate?
Our success rate is an amazing 99%. We are happy to be the best option for you. Don't hesitat, contact us today!